Findlay Irvine Ltd., UK

Findlay Irvine is a UK company providing innovative electro-mechanical and software products primarily for the Transport Industries. From its incorporation in 1960, Findlay Irvine Ltd. has enjoyed a reputation for developing innovative products and for working with clients to provide cost effective practical solutions. It’s Specialist in Skid Resistance for Airports & Highways, Weather Monitoring for Roads, Rail Condition Monitoring, Engineering for the Defense Sector and more.

Skid Resistance is becoming a more prominent issue with Engineers and Road Operators around the world as the more focus is being placed on providing safer roads. Accidents involving wet skidding are a major concern and finding ways to reduce these types of incidents is a challenge.

Findlay Irvine Ltd., UK


Surface Friction Tester/ Grip Tester MK2

Findlay Irvine with their unique Friction Tester can provide the solution with their world leading Skid Resistance measuring devices for use on roads, runways, highways and any surface where a loss of friction can cause a danger.

Micro Grip Tester

Micro Grip Tester was created as a replacement to the British Pendulum and to measure Skid Resistance over smaller areas. The micro Grip Tester is a cost effective, dynamic alternative to the British Pendulum and the design allows it to be used as a one man operation.

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