PASS+CO, Germany

The origin of PASSCO is in Siegerland where ores have been mined for centuries and iron production shaped both the land and its people. A high performance iron and metal processing industry developed in this area. PASSCO was established in 1852.

The range of products and services provided are vehicle Restrain System for roadways and bridges to national and international specifications. PASSCO Steel safety Barriers is the oldest German producer of steel safety barriers with its own manufacturing operation. PASS+CO offers a diverse product range that offers everything around guardrail, wood, steel safety barriers and the associated assembly.

PASS+CO, Germany


Metal Beam Crash Barriers

Metal Beam Crash Barriers are semi rigid type vehicle restraint system. It absorbs energy by utilizing the elasticity and kneads ability of steel.

Bridge Parapets

Bridge parapets offered by Avantech combine modern design with a high level of safety

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