Profound, Netherlands

Profound develops and manufactures innovative and high quality Pile Testing Equipment and Geotechnical Monitoring Systems for professional use. Ranging from inventive pile testing methods to innovative geotechnical monitoring equipment, Profound, continuously strives to make the best technology available to the end user.

Profound, Netherlands



The patented BAT - Groundwater Monitoring System represents an innovative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing. For over twenty five years the BAT-system has been successfully used in a great number of groundwater monitoring projects worldwide. BAT AB together with Profound have successfully created a unique and reliable system.

Dynamic Load Testing & Pile Driving Analyzer

Dynamic Load Testing (DLT) is a quick method to evaluate the bearing capacity of a pile for loads similar to the design load. It can be used for prefabricated piles, cast-in-place concrete piles steel piles and wooden piles. DLT is considerably faster than static tests and at a fraction of the cost.

Pile Driving Analysis is a powerful tool to control the pile driving process. During driving, the performance of the hammer, the condition of the cushion, the behaviour of the pile, and the driving resistance of the soil can be analyzed and monitored.

IS System

The Profound Intelligent Sensor-system is an effective tool for precision monitoring in the geotechnical field. Real-time measuring data on your PC enable you to monitor your project remotely.

For over fifteen years the unique and reliable Profound IS-system and more specifically the IS-Liquid Leveling System has been successfully used in a great number of monitoring projects worldwide.

The IS-system combines advanced network technology with existing, economical techniques. Other advantages are the fast, simple installation, the digital administration, and the minimal time and effort necessary to frequently read so many sensors.

Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) of concrete piles

Pile quality is often determined by performing a low strain integrity test directly after pile driving or within days after installation of cast-in-situ piles. Sonic Integrity Testing is a widely used method for testing the quality of concrete piles in a non-destructive way before they are incorporated in the final foundation plan.

STATNAMIC Load Testing

Statnamic is an innovative method for testing the load bearing capacity of foundation piles. Compared to static load testing: 90-95% less weight has to be loaded. Dependent upon the weight to be tested, Statnamic enables you to test up to 6 piles per day at much lower costs.

Statnamic pile testing is based upon launching a reaction mass. For catching the fall back of this reaction mass, Statnamic uses unique techniques based upon gravel and hydraulic systems. Profound has developed Statnamic together with Berming hammer Foundation Solutions.


TNOWAVE represents a group of wave equation application programs and is a powerful simulation tool to predict pile behavior.


With a Profound VIBRA you can easily monitor vibrations, which may cause damage to buildings and sensitive equipment. The system is robust, lightweight, portable and battery-operated. At the same time, the system provides a fully continuous and automatic registration of the vibration peak values up to a month.

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