Zorn Instruments, Germany

Zorn Instruments are the developers, manufacturers and distributors of material testing systems for Building Materials for roads and load bearing strengths.

Thanks to the steadily increasing range of products, the company Zorn nowadays has more than 25,000 test devices and instruments, which are sold all around the world. All devices are very demanded in Eastern and Western Europe as well as in Japan, Brazil or India.

During the last years a worldwide leading market position could be reached especially with the devices of the light Drop-Weight Tester series ZFG as well as with the CBR devices.

Zorn Instruments, Germany


Light Weight Deflectometer

The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is used for the determination of the Dynamic Deformation Modulus (Evd), Dynamic Field CBR, Bearing Capacities and compaction control of sub-soils, sub-grade etc.


The Electronic Plate Load Device AX 01 for simple determination of the load-bearing and deformation capacity of soils.

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