Asphalt Testing Systems

Asphalt Testing Systems


  • Advanced Computer Aided Testing Software (CATS-ADV)

    The new GCTS CATS Advanced 32 bit Windows software, coupled with our new SCON electronics, is the most advanced Testing software available today. This software has simplified the operation of our instruments allowing the user to directly program test calculated parameters in the units of interest (stress, strain, etc.) based on the specimen dimensions.

  • Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT-15)

    The AMPT-15 is servo-hydraulic Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester designed to perform dynamic modulus, flow number and flow time tests as specified by NCHRP, AASHTO and other relevant standards. The AMPT-15 is designed to maximize the test efficiency through intuitive design and innovative software.

  • Asphalt Pavement Tester (APT-100E)

    The GCTS APT-100E is a very affordable device that can perform a complete assortment of testing procedures for asphalt concrete. The equipment was designed in a modular fashion, which allows the user to quickly set up different tests.

  • Automated Dynamic Modulus Testing System (ADM-100)

    The GCTS ADM-100 Automated Dynamic Modulus Testing System is the most productive dynamic modulus testing system on the market. With its advanced automation process, a complete Master Curve can be generated for up to six specimens in less than two days.

  • Automatic Asphalt Content Tester (NCAT)

    The NCAT-Automatic Asphalt Content Tester to provide highly accurate measurements of bitumen content in asphalt mix using Ignition method. Complies with all standards : ASTM D 6307 & AASHTO T 308. Now also accredited by Indian Road Congress.

  • Automatic Marshall Compactor with Rotating Base

    Humboldt Automatic Marshall compaction machine are designed to provide stable and rigid mechanism for producing 4" & 6" diameter asphalt pills used in Marshall tests.

  • Direct Shear Testing System for Asphalt(SDS-150)

    This system features electro-hydraulic closed-loop digital servo control of the shear and normal loads for test automation. Loads or deformations for both the shear and normal actuators can be prescribed for automatically performing conventional direct shear tests as well as more advanced tests.

  • Dynamic Loading System(DLS-050)

    This equipment was designed and developed for the investigation of masonry wall behavior during seismic loading. It can also be used to establish reduction factors to the elastic design spectrum.

  • Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester (HWTT-100)

    The GCTS HWTT-100 Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester is used to test submerged, compacted Hot Mix or Warm Mix Asphalt specimens as per AASHTO T 324 standard.

  • Nuclear Density Gauge

    The EZ Moisture Density Gauge uses an advanced microprocessor based technology to provide highly-accurate measurements of density and moisture that are automatically computed for direct readouts of wet density, dry density, moisture content, percent of moisture, percent of compaction (Proctor or Marshall), void ratio and air voids.

  • Pressure Aging Vessel

    The Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV) is used to simulate in service oxidative aging of asphalt binder according to procedures developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP).

  • Resilient Modulus and Asphalt Testing System(MRT-300)

    The GCTS Resilient Modulus and Asphalt Testing System boasts a modular design which allows the system to be configured to test asphalt and soil in a variety of modes. This system is based on the GCTS SCON Digital Signal Conditioning and Controller and can be supplied with pneumatic or hydraulic loader.

  • Rolling Thin Film Oven

    The Rolling Thin Film Oven is used to measure the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic material. The results of this treatment are determined from measurements of the asphalt properties before and after the test.

  • Servo Controlled Superpave Gyratory Compactor(GRC-20)

    The GCTS Gyratory Compactor offers a high level of accuracy while maintaining ease of use. The GRC-20 is a fully automated servo-controlled compactor that provides a high productivity rate.

  • Servo-Hydraulic Asphalt Testing System(ATM-025)

    The GCTS ATM-025 Equipment is a modular system that can be configured to test asphalt in a variety of modes. The system includes an environmental chamber which houses the optional accessories required to perform dynamic complex modulus, flow number, flow time, indirect tension, beam flexural fatigue, and resilient modulus tests.

  • Servo-Pneumatic Asphalt Testing System (ATM-010)

    The GCTS ATM‐010 system is the money‐saving solution for advanced HMA testing. It sports an electro‐pneumatic modular design allowing the system to be customized to meet the needs of the user.

  • Specimen Lab Saw(RLS-100)

    The GCTS Specimen Lab Saw has a power feed feature, which automatically pushes the specimen into the saw blade for an even, smooth cut.

  • Stand-Alone Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus(BFF-5)

    The GCTS Stand-Alone Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus is an advanced Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) testing system used to determine the fatigue life of the pavement layer.

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

    The GCTS Universal Testing Machine is a very versatile system and includes our state-of-the-art Digital Servo Controller and Signal Conditioner. It allows the test setups to be made up of multiple independent phases, with each phase having its own unique output definition, data acquisition and data saving parameters.

  • Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO)

    The Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO) is used to precisely and accurately degas pressure-aged binder samples to meet AASHTO R28-06 and ASTM D6521-05 standards.

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