Concrete and Cement Lab Systems

Concrete and Cement Lab Systems


  • Air Void Analyzer

    The Air Void Analyzer(AVA) is used to measure the air-void parameters.

  • Auto Shrink

    The Auto-Shrink system measures the unrestrained autogenous shrinkage of a specimen of cement paste or mortar cured under sealed conditions

  • Be4Cast

    Be4Cast is an advanced software package for simulating temperature evolution and stress development in concrete structures during early-ages

  • Concrete Core Drills

    CARDI concrete core drills are designed to efficiently drill cores into reinforced concrete, stone and other construction materials. These are essential tools for: • Professional Concrete Cutting and Demolition Companies • Construction companies • Contractors • Plumbers • Electricians • Fitters

  • Electric Chainsaw

    CARDI electric chainsaws are specifically designed to cut concrete and masonry. Lightweight and easy to use: they are the ideal tool to cut small openings and adjust door and window openings in renovation and new construction work. The electric motor allows to safely work also indoors. Model: Coccodrillo 35

  • Hand-Held Saw

    Powerful hand-held saw, designed to cut concrete, masonry, asphalt and natural stone. Used to cut window, door and skylight openings. The shape of this hand saw and the position of blade-guard make this product extremely flexible and allow good visibility on the cutting area. The water injection system effectively removes cutting dust.

  • ICAR Rheometer

    ICAR Rheometer is a rugged, portable instrument for measuring the fundamental flow (rheological) properties of fresh concrete. The system was developed at the International Center for Aggregate Research (ICAR).

  • Wall Chaser (PIRANHA PH125-S)

    Cardi wall chasers are designed to cut grooves in reinforced concrete, stone, bricks and other construction materials. They are the ideal product for: plumbers and fitters, electricians, landscape contractors, phone or network wiring, specialty contractors.

  • Wall Chaser (SC-180)

    The SC 180 is the most powerful wall chaser available on the market. Its 1800 W motor allows you to make deep and wide grooves in which you can easily fit plumbing pipes. It can cut using 3 blades at a time. The guard's shape is designed to eliminate dust. To be used with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

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