• Cable Safety Systems(CASS) / Wire Rope Barriers

    CASS™ helps-users address the issue of median or shoulder crossover accident on highway systems throughout the world.

  • Metal Beam Crash Barriers

    Metal Beam Crash Barriers are semi rigid type vehicle restraint system. It absorbs energy by utilizing the elasticity and kneads ability of steel.

  • Bridge Parapets

    Bridge parapets offered by Avantech combine modern design with a high level of safety

  • Barrier Wall

    The Yodock® system is a deformable barrier, which actually helps absorb the energy of an impacting vehicle, while preventing work area penetration. The system helps to eliminate the high costs of transporting, installing and relocating the barriers.

  • Plastic Guardrail

    Plastic Guardrails is designed to keep vehicles away from restricted/ dangerous or off-limits areas. It is easy to install on tight curves due to higher flexibility.

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