Non-Destructive Tests for Concrete

Non-Destructive Tests for Concrete


  • Air Void Analyzer

    The Air Void Analyzer(AVA) is used to measure the air-void parameters.

  • Auto Shrink

    The Auto-Shrink system measures the unrestrained autogenous shrinkage of a specimen of cement paste or mortar cured under sealed conditions

  • Be4Cast

    Be4Cast is an advanced software package for simulating temperature evolution and stress development in concrete structures during early-ages

  • Bond Test/ Pull-Off test

    Bond Test is a pull-off test which can be used to evaluate the in-place bond strength between a repair overlay and the substrate, tensile strength of concrete/ other materials, strength of surface concrete, etc.

  • CMD(Crack Monitoring Device)

    The CMD system is used to monitor the opening and closing of a surface crack as well as relative lateral movement between the two sides of the crack as a function of time.

  • Coma Meter

    The COMA-Meter (COncrete MAturity-Meter) is used to measure the maturity of newly cast Concrete at a depth of 80 mm.

  • Corecase

    CORECASE is a portable light weight coring rig for quickly obtaining drilled cores that are accurate in diameter, have straight sides, and are perpendicular to the surface.

  • CorroEye

    CorroEye is used to monitor the corrosion rate of steel reinforcement in critical areas of a reinforced concrete element or structure by means of a post-installed sensor.

  • CorroWatch

    CorroWatch is a monitoring system for early warning of the onset reinforcement corrosion.

  • Cut & Pull Out Test

    CAPO (Cut and Pull Out) Test determines the in-situ compressive strength of concrete in the pre-existing structures without the need of any pre-planning.

  • DOCter- Impact Echo Test System

    Impulse Echo tests involve introduction of a stress pulse by a mechanical impact and studying the frequency response of the reflected waves. The dominant frequency in the frequency response is used to compute either the depth of the member or the possible depth of the flaw.

  • GalvaPulse

    Corrosion rate and Half-Cell potential of reinforcement; electrical resistance of concrete

  • LOK Test

    LOK Test determines the early age strength of concrete by using pre-installed inserts.

  • Merlin

    The Merlin is one of the newest developments by Germann Instruments. It is used to measure the bulk electrical conductivity, or its inverse, the bulk electrical resistivity, of saturated 100 by 200 mm concrete cylinders or cores. The test is simple to perform and a test result is obtained within two seconds.

  • Mini Great Dane

    The Mini Great Dane is used to measure the half-cell potential of uncoated reinforcing steel in concrete (in accordance with ASTM C876) and to measure the electrical resistance of the cover concrete.

  • MIRA

    The MIRA Tomographer is a state-of-the-art instrument for creating a three-dimensional (3-D) representation (tomogram) of internal defects that may be present in a concrete element. MIRA is based on the ultrasonic pitch-catch method and uses an antenna composed of an array of dry point contact (DPC) transducers, which emit shear waves into the concrete.

  • Moisture Encounter

    Moisture Encounter is used to measure near-surface moisture content in concrete or other Materials.• During condition surveys, e.g. for corrosion investigations, or • To check whether drying measures were adequate prior to applying a coating or an overlay on an existing element or floor.

  • Power

    An adaptor of the appropriate size is threaded to the anchor bolt. A counter pressure assembly is placed on the concrete so that it is centered with the anchor bolt.

  • PROOVE'it- Rapid Chloride Permeability Test System

    The PROOVE'it system is used to evaluate the resistance of concrete to the ingress of chloride ions.


    The PUNDIT (Portable Ultrasonic Nondestructive Digital Indicating Tester) is used to measure the propagation speed of a pulse of ultrasonic longitudinal stress waves.

  • Rapid Alkali Test

    The RAT (Rapid Alkali Test) measures the amounts of sodium and potassium ions that may contribute to alkali-silica reaction (ASR), which is harmful to concrete structures.

  • Rapid Chloride Test and Rapid Chloride Test Water

    The RCT and RCTW systems are used to accurately and quickly determine the chloride ion content from powder samples of concrete obtained on-site or in the laboratory.

  • Rebound Hammer (Concrete Test Hammer)

    Rebound Hammers measure the surface hardness of the concrete surface. When the plunger of the rebound hammer is pressed against the surface, the spring controlled mass rebounds. The extent of such rebound is an indication of the surface hardness. The surface hardness can then be correlated to the in-situ compressive strength of concrete close to the surface.

  • s'MASH- Impulse Response System

    s'MASH impulse response test system is an easy to use method for rapid screening of the integrity of structures.

  • Surfer

    Surfer is a compact hand-held instrument for measuring the propagation speed of a pulse of ultrasonic longitudinal stress waves.

  • Water Penetration Test- GWT

    The GWT measures the water permeation of water into the test surface under applied pressure.

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