Pavement Testing

Pavement Testing


  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    Measures the shear strength of soil with a CBR between 0.5-100% and psf from 455-7072. CBR and Shear strength can be estimated in the field from tables in the manual and plotted using Corps of Engineers Excel template included on CD.

  • Electrical Density Gauge

    The Electrical Density Gauge (EDG) is a non-nuclear alternative for determining the Density and Moisture of compacted soils. The EDG uses the reliable “direct transmission” technique to measure the dielectric properties and moisture levels of compacted soil using high, radio frequency traveling between darts driven into the soil being tested.

  • Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

    Falling Weight Deflectometer is used to measure the vertical deflection response of a surface to an impulse load. Precision load measurement and deflection sensors measure and record the pavement surface characteristics that are used to calculate pavement properties, such as Bearing capacity, Layer thickness, E moduli, Expected surface life.

  • Field Moisture Oven

    The FMO is a compact, portable (powered by 12-volt car batter) moisture testing oven, which provides gravimetric moisture readings to better than 0.5% in the field.

  • GeoGauge

    The GeoGauge is a unique, QC/QA field tool that can be used to measure the uniformity of unbound pavement layers by measuring the variability in stiffness throughout a structure. Stiffness & Modulus can then be used to evaluate field CBR.

  • LaserProf

    LaserProf is an inertial profiler designed for quality control and supervision of highways.

  • Light Weight Deflectometer

    The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is used for the determination of the Dynamic Deformation Modulus (Evd), Dynamic Field CBR, Bearing Capacities and compaction control of sub-soils, sub-grade etc.

  • Nuclear Density Gauge

    The EZ Moisture Density Gauge uses an advanced microprocessor based technology to provide highly-accurate measurements of density and moisture that are automatically computed for direct readouts of wet density, dry density, moisture content, percent of moisture, percent of compaction (Proctor or Marshall), void ratio and air voids.

  • Percometer

    The Percometer is a reliable, accurate, lightweight and easy-to-use instrument for measuring the dielectric value, electrical conductivity and temperature of materials indoors and outdoors.

  • Static Cone Penetrometers

    The static cone penetrometers can be used to evaluate soil consistency by determining the soil’s level of compaction and/ or the bearing capacity.

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