Installation of "TRACC" Crash Cushion/ Impact Attenuator at Panipat Elevated Corridor - NH-1

February 18, 2013


Avantech has installed the first “TRACC” Crash Cushion in India at L&T-IDPL’s, 6 Lane, 10 KM long Elevated Corridor on NH-1 at Panipat. The TRACC which complies to the requirements of NCHRP-350, TL-2 is sponsored by Trinity Industries while Avantech is providing free installation and maintenance.

While Crash Cushions/ impact attenuator are not in use in India, these are used extensively worldwide to protect the road users in case of crash with a rigid obstruction near roads. Typically rigid obstructions found close/ near a road are gore areas formed at the beginning of grade separators, elevated sections or any large obstacle that cannot be removed.

As the name suggests, a crash cushion (designed and engineered to meet typical design impacts) provides a relatively “soft stop” to a fast moving vehicle instead of a violent, usually fatal sudden stop in case of a high speed crash with a rigid obstacle. A crash cushion provides a many fold increase in the chances of survival of vehicle occupants in case of a crash with rigid obstacle and is an important element in moving towards what are called “forgiving roads”.

The TRACC at Panipat was installed to provide protection to road users in case of crash of their vehicle with the gore area formed at the beginning of the elevated section at Panipat. The vehicles moving at highway speed on the NH-1 from Delhi towards Karnal have to avoid the gore area and need quick decision making while deciding to go either on the elevated section towards Karnal or steer slight left to go on the slip road that goes to Panipat city.

This installation is a part of an Experimental Pilot project by Avantech Engineering to provide a study on effectiveness of Trinity’s “TRACC” crash cushion in Indian Highways. A 24 hour video monitoring of the crash cushion is also being done to record interaction of the Crash Cushion with traffic and a crash event to provide the necessary

Our heartfelt thanks to L&T Panipat Elevated Corridor Ltd., the concessionaires of the project who have been very supportive to the idea of this study and have provided their maximum support in the installation of the crash cushion on their project.

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