Cut & Pull Out Test

CAPO (Cut and Pull Out) Test determines the in-situ compressive strength of concrete in the pre-existing structures without the need of any pre-planning.

CAPO test measures the force required to pullout an embedded metal insert from a concrete specimen/ structure. The structure is subjected to a slowly applied load and measures the actual compressive strength properties of concrete.

CAPO Test can help determine the in-situ strength of structure, strength of fire-damaged structures among others ensuring safety of the structure.

Conforms to ASTM C900, BS 1881:2007, EN 12504-03 and is accredited by the Indian Road Congress (IRC).


Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments has been the leader in the field of test systems for non-destructive (NDT), on-site investigation of reinforced concrete structures for over quarter of a century.

Germann Instruments constantly develops, manufactures and markets its innovative and cutting-edge product line worldwide


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