Deadweight Consolidation Frame

Consolidation frame features a rugged frame design manufactured from aluminum with stainless steel vertical rods, horizontal cross arms and beam support rods. The load arm incorporates 9:1, 10:1 and 11:1 beam ratios for greater flexibility and loading weight requirements.

Triple beam ratios minimize loading weight requirements. The maximum load capacity is more than 5,000kPa. Wide range of consolidation cells are available like fied ring, floating fing, permeability and backpressure designs. Available in standard mechanical dial gauges, digital indicators or with strain transducers coupled to data loggers.


Humboldt Mfg. Co., USA

Humboldt Mfg. Co., USA

Humboldt Mfg. Co., are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Field and Laboratory Testing Equipments. They offer a wide range of products for field and laboratory testing of Soil, Asphalt, Aggregates and Concrete. Apart from highly advanced testing systems, Humboldt also offers wide range of General Laboratory Equipments.


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