PROOVE'it- Rapid Chloride Permeability Test System

The PROOVE'it system is used to evaluate the resistance of concrete to the ingress of chloride ions.

The RCT system is used to accurately and quickly determine the chloride ion content from acid/ water soluble powder samples of concrete obtained on site or in the laboratory.

The test involves obtaining the powdered sample from the structure or fresh concrete and mixing into a distinct amount of extraction liquids to extract chloride ions and remove disturbing ions such as sulphides. A calibrated electrode is submerged into the solution to determine the amount of chloride ions, which is expressed as a percentage of concrete mass.

Conforms to AASHTO T 260, ASTM C 114, ASTM C1152, ASTM C1218


Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments has been the leader in the field of test systems for non-destructive (NDT), on-site investigation of reinforced concrete structures for over quarter of a century.

Germann Instruments constantly develops, manufactures and markets its innovative and cutting-edge product line worldwide


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