REACT- 350

REACT-350 is self-restoring Crash Cushion that absorbs the energy using smart plastic cylinders made of high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) plastic, they typically regain upto 90% of their original shape after an impact. REACT-- meetsrequirements of NCHRP-350 Test Level-3 as a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion.

The REACT- 350 of Crash cushions is designed for permanent and work zone sites where impacts are expected more than 3 times per year or where traffic congestion and maintenance management is concern for work crews.

The REACT-350-II is highly efficient, reusable crash cushion that features 6 high molecular weight/high density polythene (HMW/HDPE) cylinders attached to a steel base track. The system is NCHRP 350 Test Level complaint as a redirective, non-gating crash cushion. The REACT- II has proven self-restoring characteristics after impacted at 62 kph by a 1,808 lb (820 kg) car, or by a 4,409 lb (2,000kg) pick-up truck. The REACT-II can be used to shield narrow hazards of up to 3’ (914mm) wide.

Features: • Various cylinder wall thicknesses to accommodate both light cars and heavier high-centre-of-gravity vehicles. • Extremely efficient, energy absorbing, reusable HMW/HDPE cylinders. • Minimal maintenance and repair. • Delivered pre-assembled. • Low lifecycle costs. • Optional cylinder covers available.

Typical Applications: • Portable or permanent concrete barriers. • Bridge piers • Bridge parapets • Square blocks • W-beam guardrail • Thrie-beam guardrail • Self-contained, steel backup • Concrete back-up structure

Installation and Repair Advantages • When impacted in NCHRP-350 testing, the system typically regains 90% of its original shape and capacity with minimal maintenance and repair. • Units arrive fully assembled. • NCHRP 350 testing impacts require little to no major component replacement resulting in low life cycle cost. • Installs of new or existing concrete pad or asphalt. • Anchorage options include: asphalt, concrete, or soil-drive pile.


Trinity Highway Products, LLC, USA

Trinity Highway Products, LLC, USA

Trinity Highway Products, LLC., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of highway guardrail, highway guardrail end treatments, temporary and permanent crash cushions, truck-mounted attenuators, and cable barrier systems. Offering a full line of standard and proprietary products, Trinity Highway Products is a recognized innovator of highway safety products. Trinity Highway Products manufactures products that have been tested, approved, and accepted as meeting established federal and state safety guidelines.

In fact, all products offered by Trinity Highway Products have been accepted and approved by the Federal Highway Administration as being National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350 (NCHRP Report 350) compliant. With all federally funded highway projects, state departments of transportation are required to specify guardrail end terminals, crash cushions, and barriers that meet state and federal requirements. Trinity Highway Products innovations that satisfy such requirements include the ET-PlusT Guardrail End Treatment, Trinity Attenuating Crash CushionT Family (TRACCT Family), Hybrid Energy Absorbing Reusable TerminalT (HEARTT), and Cable Safety SystemT (CASST).


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