s'MASH- Impulse Response System

s'MASH impulse response test system is an easy to use method for rapid screening of the integrity of structures.

Impulse Response Test uses a low-strain impact to cause the structural member to vibrate in a bending mode and compute the amplitude of the response through the probe placed on the surface.

The test system allows quick screening of structure for flaws like honeycombing, delaminations, voids etc. and identifies suspect areas for subsequent detailed assessment.

The Impulse Response Test conforms to ASTM C1740-10 standard.


Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments, Denmark

Germann Instruments has been the leader in the field of test systems for non-destructive (NDT), on-site investigation of reinforced concrete structures for over quarter of a century.

Germann Instruments constantly develops, manufactures and markets its innovative and cutting-edge product line worldwide


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