Traffic Speed Deflectometers

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer, TSD is a rolling wheel deflectometer for network level bearing capacity measurement.

Using a patented Doppler technology it is possible to measure the pavement response to an applied 10 – ton axle load travelling at traffic speed of up to 80 km/h.

TSD data provides continuous pavement deflection profiles, from which bearing capacity indicies can be derived and pavement fatique / residual life can be estimated.

TSD is the ideal tool to measure the bearing capacity of large road networks. The high accuracy and resolution makes TSD perfect to pin point locations with bearing capacity deviations.

Detailed knowledge of the network bearing capacity minimize the need for traditional stationary or slow moving, discrete measuring techniques.


Greenwood Engineering, Denmark

Greenwood Engineering, Denmark

Greenwood Engineering are at a frontier of development, design and production of equipment for monitoring and condition surveys in transportation sector. Greenwood develops and uses the state of the art technology in all their equipment. The company believes in improving and introducing equipment to operate with the least disturbance to environment and traffic.


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