Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Cell (TRX-2C)

The main feature of this triaxial cell is the incorporation of a double cell wall. This prevents differential pressure changes for the inner wall while changing the confining pressure and thus eliminating volume changes errors associated with single cell units due to cell expansion.

Stainless steel construction

2,000 kPa (300 psi) capacity

Double external cell wall (internal tie rods)

Top pore air, bottom pore water, bottom flushing, & independent internal & external cell pressure/drainage ports

Sealed electrical feed-through connectors for internal instrumentation including deformation device, ultrasonic velocity, mid-plane pore pressure, and other sensors

Specimen platens with easily interchangeable HAEV ceramic discs

Stiff, low friction loading piston & graphite seal

High ductility metallic reinforcement rings


Geotechnical Consulting & Test Systems (GCTS), USA

Geotechnical Consulting & Test Systems (GCTS), USA

Geotechnical Consulting and Testing Systems (GCTS) provides advanced testing solutions for Research in Geotechnical & Pavement materials. GCTS also helps in design of laboratory and in-situ testing apparatus and software ranging from modification and adaptation of existing apparatus to the purchase of new closed-loop computer-controlled systems. The company manufactures a full line of computer-controlled testing systems with either pneumatic or hydraulic loaders. Each system comes with a versatile software package which provides test control, data acquisition, data reduction, and graphing in one easy to learn Graphical User Interface.


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