Consulting Services

The testing and consulting division provides our customers access to our expertise in providing an independent & unbiased, reliable assessment of the in-situ condition of civil structures, methods for repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting.

We have an extensive range of state-of the-art test systems available in-house and a trained team of professionals to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers while adhering to tight project schedules.

Concrete NDT services
There is a growing need for health assessment and risk evaluation of existing structures and that in-situ quality meets the design requirements in under construction structures..

GPR Services
Ground Penetrating Radar is non-destructive method for geophysical investigations. It uses electromagnetic pulses to image the subsurface.

Pile Foundation Testing
Low strain pile integrity test is a popular non-destructive test method to examine the piles for a uniform cross section and/ or detect flaws like voids, cracks, length etc.

In-situ Soil Testing
Compaction of pavements layer is one of the most critical parameter monitored in the Highway Projects.

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Testing and consulting for RCC structures, foundations, pavement & geophysical surveys.
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