Consulting Services

The testing and consulting division provides our customers access to our expertise in providing an independent & unbiased, reliable assessment of the in-situ condition of civil structures, methods for repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting.

We have an extensive range of state-of the-art test systems available in-house and a trained team of professionals to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers while adhering to tight project schedules.

Concrete NDT services
There is a growing need for health assessment and risk evaluation of existing structures and that in-situ quality meets the design requirements in under construction structures..

GPR Services
Ground Penetrating Radar is non-destructive method for geophysical investigations. It uses electromagnetic pulses to image the subsurface.

Pile Foundation Testing
Low strain pile integrity test is a popular non-destructive test method to examine the piles for a uniform cross section and/ or detect flaws like voids, cracks, length etc.

In-situ Soil Testing
Compaction of pavements layer is one of the most critical parameter monitored in the Highway Projects.

NDTitans is an international group of testing experts providing professional services in nondestructive testing (NDT) of concrete.

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